Brookside Equity Partners is not a traditional fixed-term private equity fund. Our capital is evergreen, patient and flexible.
About Us

Brookside Equity Partners LLC focuses on private equity investments, including direct control investments, majority or minority co-investments alongside of other investment firms, and, on a selective basis, investments in private funds or special situations. We emphasize LBO transactions, but we will consider a limited number of growth capital investments in partnership with other value-added investors. We aim to partner with what we believe to be excellent management teams and co-investors to help create long term value.

Brookside Equity Partners is not a traditional fixed-term private equity fund. Our capital, whether from individuals, families or other sources, is evergreen, patient and flexible. Our investment horizons are determined by the needs of the businesses in which we invest, rather than by pre-determined investment periods. This flexibility distinguishes us from other private equity groups which may seek investment realizations based on fund raising cycles rather than fundamental business reasons. Management teams can take comfort in the fact that exit decisions will be made in partnership with management and we will not be forced to exit an investment at an inopportune time. In addition, investments are structured with what we believe to be a conservative capital base and term that is appropriate for the company in which we are investing.

Brookside Equity Partners works closely with management teams to develop and execute strategic initiatives including new product introductions, geographic or channel expansion, acquisitions and efficiency improvements. We are proud of our successful, long-term investment track record.  

This is not an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to purchase any fund managed by Brookside Equity Partners.  Investment opportunity is limited to certain investors only through a confidential written agreement.  An investment in a private fund is not appropriate or suitable for all investors and involves the risk of loss.

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